Fab Lab stations

School Fab Lab Makerspace Stations at Fontbonne Hall Academy

School Fab Lab Makerspace Stations at Fontbonne Hall Academy

“You really can learn how to use the laser cutter, you can learn how to use the vinyl cutter, how to do virtual reality easily.” Mary Ann Spicijaric, Principal of Fontbonne Hall Academy, expressed praise for the School Fab Lab stations in the high-tech Makerspace at the high school. “Not only now do students have the ability to design and create, but in the process of doing that they’re learning on the latest technology.”

mary ann spicijaricTo design, select and place the stations, Fontbonne Hall Academy did not need to go it alone – School Fab Lab worked closely with them. It was “teamwork that really, really made it successful,” noted Principal¬†Spicijaric. “The timeline was critical, and the deliveries were all on time.”

Various School Fab Lab Makerspace stations at FHA are featured in this interview video.

The advanced curriculum and training provided by School Fab Lab Makerspace is “becoming central, not only to our teaching but to our mission in terms of inspiring girls to really be everything they can be,” said Principal¬†Spicijaric. “It makes them feel as though they can actually do a hands-on skill that they never thought they could do before, and that’s just a wonderful thing to have in high school at this point.”

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