SFL VR App for the HTC Vive is Now on the STEAM App Market!

SFL VR App for the HTC Vive is Now on the STEAM App Market

With the SFL VR app, anyone can experience a digital fabrication laboratory from anywhere, using virtual reality! You can get the app through the STEAM platform for the HTC Vive headset.

Here’s the link to the new SFL VR app!

Users delve into different stations and learn about various digital fabrication processes. Immersion in the Fabrication Laboratory enables you to interact with machines, learning how to use them and what is possible to fabricate.

Intended to reach any student, K-12 school, or educational institution, the SFL VR app provides knowledge and training on digital fabrication without requiring physical access to the machines or space.

If you want to build a Makerspace, this environment helps you to understand machine size, space required, and layout in respect to your physical space.

The School Fab Lab Virtual Reality App allows you to:

– 3D Print, Laser Cut, Vinyl Cut, and CNC Mill various objects out of a multitude of materials
– Pick up objects to examine what you build to understand object physics and dynamics
– Find pre-selected objects online to bring into the VR space
– Learn how to assemble and disassemble 3D printers
– Practice flying a drone with flight simulation using first-person-view (FPV)
– Operate Machines to understand the digital fabrication process
– Experience additive and subtractive manufacturing
– Learn how to navigate in a 3D space
– Customize space layout

Find SFL VR on the STEAM app market

Watch the SFL VR App video:

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