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New School Fab Lab AR App Available to Demo

School Fab Lab Augmented Reality App Demo

The new School Fab Lab Augmented Reality App is a tool that makes it easy to design, configure and transform your school’s space into a Makerspace! With the SFL AR App, you can add and remove machines and explore how they work in relation to your own existing layout.

School Fab Lab is providing an iPad with the SFL AR App already loaded on it to educators interested in adding a School Fab Lab Makerspace to their school. Let us know of your interest HERE.

The SFL AR App contains a set of digital fabrication machines – 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutters, and CNC Milling Machines. The App shows how easy and fun it is to work on these machines and fabricate various objects. Students get inspired to become innovators and makers while getting prepared for 21st century jobs.

School Fab Lab AR allows you to:
– Bring realistically scaled Fab Lab machines into actual spaces.
– Set multiple machines in your space to design and finalize your new School Fab Lab layout.
– Operate machines in mixed reality to learn about the digital fabrication process and capabilities of each machine.
– Take a video walkthrough of your space and record the machines in operation.
– Share your video with others.

Educators and Makerspace enthusiasts especially like that the SFL AP App allows them to experiment with the customized space and functional machines and then create a video to share with others.

To schedule a free consultation and learn more about School Fab Lab AR app, click HERE.



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