Rocket travel

Experts Predict Aquatic Highways, Air Taxis And Space Hotels For Life In 50 Years Time

Rocket travel in space will get us from London to New York in 40 minutes, Quidditch-style aerial sport matches will be played in stadiums around the world and the daily commute will take place in the sky via drone-style air taxis and buses; a new report released today reveals the predictions for how we will be living in the next 50 years, suggesting the way we travel, eat, work and live will have changed immeasurably.

The research was commissioned to mark the launch of Samsung KX, a new experience space in Coal Drops Yard, London. The destination is a place of discovery to experience the latest in culture and innovation, powered by Samsung technology. The new space reaffirms the brand’s belief in the power of technology to make lives better, demonstrating that when people are empowered with both education and technology, they can create the future. Guests at Samsung KX can discover new concept tech never before seen in Europe, such as the Digital Cockpit connected ‘car’ and standout innovations such as Screenmax, the world’s first vertical 10-metre-wide vertically curved Samsung LED screen.

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