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Automation in Mobility is Outpacing Skills Re-training Programs

The shift towards automation in transportation and mobility is expected to eliminate jobs, but it could also create opportunities, like training the artificial intelligence that powers machines.

The big picture: Members of the workforce who will be impacted need to be trained in the key areas of data literacy, higher cognition decision making and emotional skills — but currently there are few organizations providing that training.

The impact: Changes to all kinds of professions are likely to result from new mobility technology.

A Brookings study estimated that in 2017, 9.5 million jobs were impacted by such technology — only 3.9 million of which were driver jobs.
What’s happening: As artificial intelligence is integrated into professions ranging from administrative work to customer support, people will need to be trained to work alongside machines — but also on non-technological skills, like customer service and decision making.

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