Mini Cheetah robots

This Robot Army Can Run, Jump, Duck and Even Backflip

MIT’s Mini Cheetah robots are small quadrupedal robots capable of running, jumping, walking, and flipping.

In a recently published video, the tiny bots can be seen roaming, hopping, and marching around a field and playing with a soccer ball.

They’re not consumer products, but MIT hopes that the Mini Cheetah’s durable and modular design will make it an ideal tool for researchers.

Boston Dynamics may have made a name for itself by posting videos of its surprisingly lifelike animal-themed robots, but don’t count out the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT recently published a new video of its Mini Cheetah robots, small quadrupedal robots that can run, walk, jump, turn, and backflip. The robots weigh about 20 pounds and researchers claim they are “virtually indestructible,” according to MIT News.

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