Future Green Jobs

Skills Young People Will Need For Future Green Jobs

Future Green Jobs – The UNEP has released a guide to sustainable career choices.

  • Farming, architecture, science and teaching are some of the sectors that will need new green skills, according to the United Nations Environment Programme.
  • Almost half of young people feel they don’t have the right skills, according to the World Economic Forum’s Davos Labs Youth Recovery Plan 2021.
  • In the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020, employers estimate that four in 10 workers will need to be reskilled.

Making smart decisions today could set up the world’s young people for success in future green jobs.

But shaping those decisions can be tricky as many of those future jobs don’t yet exist.
The United Nations Environment Programme has stepped in with a helping hand in the shape of GEO-6 for Youth – a digital guide on sustainable career choices and the skills required to thrive in green industries.

Here are six key skill categories that can help you build a successful career in the future.

a diagram explaining that the green economy will need young people with a range of different skills
The green economy will need young people with a range of different skills.
Image: GEO-6 for Youth, UN Environment Programme

Science skills: The green economy of the future will be heavily reliant on workers with a strong science background. Key roles will include environmental scientists, biologists, hydrologists and biochemists. People in these jobs will monitor, manage and protect natural resources including land and valuable water supplies.

Architectural and planning skills: Buildings will become more energy efficient, with fewer resources used to construct and operate them. Architects and planners will design these buildings to comply with environmental regulations and client demands for green spaces.

Green engineering and tech skills: Today’s young people will be tomorrow’s green engineers, helping to design and maintain solar panels, wind turbines, low emissions vehicles and other green economy technology.

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