School Fab Lab Mobile Application

Design, configure and transform your classroom into a Fab Lab Makerspace using Augmented Reality.

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Our app provides a set of digital fabrication machines needed to design your Fab Lab Makerspace.

SFL AR Features:
– Bring realistically scaled Fab Lab machines into actual spaces.
– Set multiple machines in your space to design and finalize your new School Fab Lab layout.
– Operate machines in mixed reality to learn about the digital fabrication process and capabilities of each machine.
– Take a video walkthrough of your space and record the machines in operation.
– Share your video with others

This app is available to public, private and charter Schools K-12.

Compatible with these devices:
iPhone: 6S, 7S, 7 Plus, SE, 8, 8 Plus, X
iPad: iPad and iPad Pro – both first-gen and second-gen and (2017)

Design your Makerspace

School Fab Lab Makerspace is a STEAM, project-based, integrated education program based on the constructionism theory developed by Professor Seymour Papert at MIT Media Lab. It adapts the Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab), created by Professor Neil Gershenfeld at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms to fit the needs and requirements of schools. School Fab Lab focuses on digital design, fabrication and robotics.