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Plan C Profile: The Maker Mask Made in Seattle

A local hospital called a Seattle makerspace to ask if anyone could help out to provide them with masks and visors. A bit of a scramble ensued to figure out who could do what.  Rory Larson, a maker with a mechanical engineering background, jumped in and spent the night iterating on a design. “So I kind of took the football and ran with it,” Rory told me. “In a night I produced my first (3D printed) maker mask.”

After working until 5 or 6am into Friday morning, Rory called his Dad to say: “Hey, look what I made.”  His father, Garr Larson, a tech entrepreneur, thought it was interesting enough to reach out to his network, including a family friend, Jonathan Roberts, another entrepreneur. “Rory was insistent that the design is open source and free to everybody,” said Garr Larson. Together, they set to work and all three of them saw the need to get it tested by health care professionals.


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