Professional Development for Virtual, Augmented
and Mixed Reality in your school

Educators will collaborate, create, and share their immersive workshops.

Join us in a professional development program designed specifically for educators to explore mixed reality in the future of education. 
Mixed reality (MR) technologies enable new user interfaces in which real physical and virtual objects can be combined and
interrelated. Applications of MR are increasingly deployed in many different areas, such as in architecture and construction, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing industry or education in learning factories.
 Unlimited subject areas including:
  • Virtual Art Gallery
  • STEAM – Science Curriculum
    • Elementary
    • Middle School
Education App


  • Getting Started with MRLE               
  • MRLE Workshop Development         
  • MR Blended Learning                         
  • MR Table Top                                      
  • MR Lab Space                                      

Required materials:

  • Generation 5 iPad or newer
  • Internet access

Please contact us for program details and cost.