School Fab Lab AR mobile App FAQ

Question – How do I resize machines when I place them?

Answer – The best method of placing and moving machines. We use iOS and your mobile processor to recognize the room size and surfaces in your mobile camera view.
After placing a machine, then try to move the machine, you can see how the application understands the surface of your desk or floor.
Make sure you have good lighting and there are no shadows where you are placing the machine.
We don’t allow scaling for this version but this update is releasing soon! Each machine will be Augmented by its actual size when they are placed. This is to ensure your space planning is accurate. If the machine is too big, first try to reposition the machine by moving it (+ arrow) also by moving and scanning the room and services, you can reset the existing surfaces for better model placement.

We have created a tutorial video on how you can setup you School Fab lab in your maker space and record it in Mixed Reality.

Please see our SFL AR app this link:
How to Setup your School Fab Lab Makerspace
Password: SFL123SFL

Question – How do I use this app to help build my School Fab Lab Makerspace?

Answer – The best method of using the School Fab Lab mobile app. By bringing real-world objects into your classroom using augmented reality, you can engage your students to learn. Simply bring in objects for any of your STEAM topics to provide students enriched methods of learning.