How To Make Upskilling Stick In 3 Easy Steps

  • Three fundamental rules can be followed in order to empower a generation of lifelong learners.
  • High-trust education institutions and workplaces are being equated with high performance.
  • We need to tap into our emotions to replicate in remote environments what we miss from the office, as opposed to pining over the space itself.

The prevailing discourse on upskilling focuses too heavily on the skills side, and not enough on the learners.

Skills themselves do not result in persistence, nor do they result in lifelong learning. One McKinsey study of top executives found that only 16% felt “very prepared” to address the skills gap in their businesses.

Why? Some 42% in the US, 24% in Europe and 31% in the rest of the world admitted they lacked a “good understanding of how automation and/or digitization will affect our future skills needs.”

It’s hard to forecast what skills a business will need in five years; there are so many external variables, plus businesses have a tendency to change — sometimes dramatically. But that’s just why persistence and lifelong learning are so important.

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