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How To Make Online Schooling Work

Happy to share this op-Ed about digital learning written by Marjorie B. Tiven who is founder and president of Global Cities, Inc.
It is a great education program that we have seen blossoming over the years.
We totally agree with Marjorie’s analysis “The future of education requires — and our experience demonstrates — a hybrid approach, one that leverages investments in both teachers and in technology. Teachers are irreplaceable, and digital platforms are here to stay.”

-Simone Amber

As school districts have been forced to embrace remote learning during the pandemic, teachers and students alike have found ways to adapt to the new normal. And as school districts plan for the fall semester, many are turning to online learning because students and teachers may not be together in their school buildings.

At the same time, public education in the US already reflects vast societal inequalities. A recent McKinsey & Company report underscores how economic disparities affect access to technology. As schools rely more on technology, we must make sure that remote learning during the pandemic does not widen the digital divide.
With this opportunity to think about the future of learning, we should consider ways to harness the benefits of remote classrooms. How can we use digital learning to empower students from all backgrounds to believe in themselves and their power to change their communities for the better?
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