AI Platform Prediction

Google rolls out updates to AI Platform Prediction and AI Platform Training

Google’s AI Platform, a cloud-hosted service facilitating machine learning and data science workflows, today gained a new feature in backend models that tap powerful Nvidia graphics chips. In related news, Google debuted a refreshed model training experience that allows users to run a training script on any range of hardware.

For the uninitiated, AI Platform enables developers to prep, build, run, and share machine learning models quickly and easily in the cloud. Using built-in data labeling services, they’re able to annotate model training images, videos, audio, and text corpora by applying classification, object detection, and entity extraction. A managed Jupyter Notebook service provides support for a slew of machine learning frameworks, including Google’s TensorFlow, while a dashboard within the Google Cloud Platform console exposes controls for managing, experimenting with, and deploying models in the cloud or on-premises.

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