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Mini cheeta

One Giant Leap for the Mini Cheetah

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A new control system, demonstrated using MIT’s robotic mini cheetah, enables four-legged robots to jump across uneven terrain in real-time. A loping cheetah dashes across a rolling field, bounding over sudden gaps in the rugged terrain. The movement may look…

Why Are Tech Jobs Going Unfilled?

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Tech Jobs Are Going Unfilled Due To A Lack Of Skilled Tech WorkersJobs paying $75.00 per hour and salaries of over $185,000 a year are going unfilled due to a lack of skilled tech workers. To all of the young people…

How To Make Spending Count In Education

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The Financial Times asked an online roundtable of experts about the prospects and priorities for education funding in low-income countries. Dr Elyas Abdi Jillaow Director-general, Ministry of Education, Kenya For sustainability, developing countries must increase their domestic spending. It is…

How Construction Could Ease Housing Crisis

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Could modern methods of construction hold the key to affordable, sustainable housing in emerging economies? Houses built using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are quick to build, and offer economic, environmental and social benefits. They could provide one solution to…