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Categories List

  • Digital modeling and fabrication:
    Description: Digital Fabrication – Build a makerspace in your room by using realistic sized machines to layout and design your fabrication lab. Make things with machines such as 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutters and CNC Milling Machines to learn about how they work and what you can create.
    Machines included:

    • 3D Printers:
      Ultimaker 2+
      Ultimaker Original
      Makerbot Replicator+
      Imprimante 3D Micro Delta
      Form 1+
    • Laser Cutters:
      Fullspectrum Hobby
      Fullspectrum P Series
      Speedy 400
    • Vinyl Cutters:
      Minicut 2D
      Roland GX24
      US Cutter 34inch
    • CMC Machines:
      Shop Bot
      Roland MDX 40A
  • Biology:
    Description: Biology – Examine the human body, heart and organism cells such as bacteria, fungai, animal and plant. The heart animates its pumping contractions and allows you to look into the valves to demonstrate how it works. By being able to enlarge and rotate all of these models, it provides you with the ability to look closely at its various elements.

  • Astronomy:
    Description: Astronomy – Explore our solar system by watching how the planets rotate around the sun. By enlarging the model you can get a clear understanding of the size difference and space between the plants and the sun. Also included is the Rover Curiosity which is an actual planet exploring robot that showcases details of its components.

  • Robot:
    Description: Robotics – Meet some widely popularized robots such as the Nao Robot, Pepper, Atlas, Spot, and a 4WD Buggy. The robots animate their movement and provide you with an understanding of their size and scale.

  • Industry:
    Description: Industry – Learn about an Oil Rig Platform that is used as a standard around the world. This large model shows details of the structure and the various elements that allow it to operate.

  • Art & History:
    Description: Art & History – Go back in time and explore ancient wonders such as Aztec and Egyptian Pyramids, the Colosseum, Eiffel Tower and Christo Redentore. Examine famous statues such as Jesus, Virgin Maria, Saint Peter, Saint Bishop and Baptismal Angel.

  • Geometric Shape: 
    Description: Geometric Shapes – Learning about shapes by seeing them as 3D models to better visualize their properties. Shapes include: sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, torus, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, octagonal prism, and cuboid.

  • Domestic Animals:
    Description: Domestic Animals – Learn about farm animals such as chickens, cattle, goats and geese. Each animal is animated to move realistically and demonstrates their actual life size scale.

  • Wild Animals:
    Description: Wild Animals – Learn about wildlife animals such as rabbits, male / female deer, brown bears, wolves, boars, crocodiles, vipers, scorpions, salanders ans snails. Each animal is animated to move realistically and demonstrates their actual life size scale.

  • Marine Animals: 
    Description: Marine Animals – Explore the underwater world and learn about marine biology. Animations of creatures such as an Octopus, Shark, Whale, Frog, Crab, Salmon, Pike Fish and Perch Fish. Each animal is animated to move realistically and demonstrates their actual life size scale.

  • Dinosaurs:
    Description: Dinosaurs – Go back in time to the prehistoric age and discover what it would be like to stand next to massive creatures such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Plesiousaurus. Each animal is animated to move realistically and demonstrates their actual life size scale.

  • Furniture:
    Description: Furniture – To help aid you in designing your School Fab Lab Makerspace, furniture options help you decide if partitions are necessary in a room and where stools, desks, couches and tables will fit. This helps to create a collaborative space that fosters teamwork and peer to peer learning.